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pricing your property

pricing your property

before you price your property for sale or lease, consider the following check list.


all areas of the property
do your research, research, research
do NOT undervalue your property.
use the correct money format
always seek proper legal advice from your solicitor before pricing your home

more specific

research, research, research, check websites, check local real estate agents, ask other local properties how much they are asking. etc
obtain at least 4 real estate agent valuations, if possible in written form.
DO NOT undervalue your property, always ask for a little more (10% more than the valuations ), that way you can come down in price. If you fail to do your research, this could be a very costly mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in losses
remember when considering the price, to consider all the other fees you may have to pay. for example: stamp duty
do NOT get confused and display your valuation incorrectly on your listing - for example: $400,000.00 vs $4,000,000.00 (thousands vs millions)