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showing your property

showing your property checklist

before you show your property for sale or lease, consider the following check list.


all areas of the property
be prepared
be safe
arrange for a friend or family member to be with you in the house when presenting
always seek proper legal advice from your solicitor before allowing anyone into your home
make sure you have read the preparing your property for show guide

more specific

be prepared
have you prepared the property for sale?
do you have a list of questions that potential buyers might ask? do you already have answers?
be safe
never be alone in the property when presenting to strangers
prior to allowing someone into the home for viewing, if you feel unsafe, then do not allow the person to enter.
always keep your mobile phone with you, if at any time you feel unsafe, ring your local police station or triple zero (000) if it is an emergency
if possible take a note of the persons licence plate who is visiting
when a potential buyer phones and asks to see the property, always request their personal phone number (not a work number) and tell them that you will ring them back and confirm BEFORE you allow them in. genuine potential buyers will be happy to provide you with their details, people who do not leave their numbers are not genuine and may have other ideas on their mind.
always make sure you are NOT alone when showing the property, make sure there is at least one other adult with you
if someone comes to the door asking to see the property without prior content, then do NOT let them in.
walk through
turn on all lights to the house just prior to the potential visitors arrival, and turning them off individually as you present each room
walk potential buyers through the house, do NOT allow them to wonder through the house by themselves
open doors and turn on lights for the potential buyers, explain where there might be trip hazards etc
explain benefits and non-benefits of certain aspects of the house, but do not treat them like idiots
do NOT offer beverages (tea, coffee etc) to potential buyers
do NOT be afraid to ask people to take off their shoes if it is appropriate for YOUR home. most people will oblige