My Real Estate

publishing guidelines



failure to meet the following publishing criteria may result in listings being removed.

  • all listings are to be as honest and accurate as possible
  • all listings must contain a listing price. before listing your property, make sure you obtain at least 3 free independant real estate written price evaluations.
  • all listings must contain a legitimate offer
  • all pictures must be individual pictures and not contain multiple compilation of pictures
  • all pictures must be your own photographs of the property only, or have written copyright permission to use.
    • do not take photographs of someone elses photographs or of real estate agent documentation/data
    • do not use aerial shots that you do not have copyrights of.
    • do not use screenshots
  • animated gifs are not permitted.
  • each listing can only represent one property
  • a person creating a listing are required to advertise in an appropriate, honest manner, with good character and legitimate intentions behind each listing.
  • listings cannot contain adult matierial or material of a pornographic nature.
  • listings cannot contain misleading or deceitful information or tactics. Permanent account ban penalty will apply.
  • anything not covered in this terms of service agreement will be at the sole discretion of My Real Estate Listing
  • My Real Estate Listing reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  • My Real Estate Listing reserves the right to modify or remove any listing at any time for any reason.